A Sales Manager’s Course on How to

Develop Superior Salespeople

A program that gives you a blueprint for coaching salespeople into high-achievers.

As a manager, you can’t underestimate your power to elevate. You are at the front and center to how quickly your salespeople develop the knowledge and skills necessary to sell.

For salespeople to develop into superior performers, they need an established sales process and methodology. They also need ongoing training and coaching that continuosly supports them until they have the skills to consistently hit quota.

It is up to you, the sales manager, to ensure that they have what they need. This requires that you have a proven training method that ensures that they succeed.

Why do managers fail at training and coaching?

Too often, managers are tapped out with reports, projections, managing, and meetings. All too often this means that instead of developing a proven training method, they resort to telling their salespeople what they need to do and say. But telling ain’t training.

And without training, salespeople are going to reinforce bad habits and continue to operate at a suboptimal level. An ineffective training method is the main reason why salespeople are not hitting or close to hitting quota. They get frustrated, and that is why they quit.

Remember, that all training doesn’t have to be an all day event. Some of the best training is an hour or two. Training stick when it is immediately applied.

Are salespeople born or made?

What do you think?

Even though they may not admit it, most sales managers believe that salespeople are born.

Can’t blame them – top producers make it look easy. They are charismatic, driven and ambitious and to the negate eye that is what drives their results.

But when you take a deeper look, what sets star-performers apart from average performer is skill.

Motivation, resilience, and grit are important traits of a high achieving salesperson. But even the most motivated, tough-skinned and high achieving salesperson will struggle and fail unless they are properly equipped, trained and coached.

The belief that salespeople are born is a myth. Instead, it is the combination of hiring the right people and delivering the right training.

Training and coaching don’t have to be this big, expensive event. It can be simple. The best training methodologies are simple! When managers truly understand how learning sticks, training will not be this big ordeal that happens 2x a year. It will  become an everyday conversation where people are shown how to be productive, instead of just told.

What is missing for managers is a clear understanding of how learning and mastery happen.

If your goal is to develop high-performing salespeople, the first step is to understand the demands placed on salespeople. The demands today, are high.

Once upon a time, salespeople were the first point of contact when the buyer knew they had a need. Today, they are the last. The internet has made selling more demanding than ever. Before buyers speak to salespeople, they know what they want, when they need it and how much they want to pay for it.

So, for the salesperson to add value and win over new business, they have to master 4 key areas:

  1. Understanding how to sell
  2. Predicting the buyer’s business, needs, and industry
  3. Thoroughly understand the industry, the customer, and the competition
  4. Matching needs and providing solutions that fit those specific needs

Skill is how a person is able to manipulate knowledge and get the desired results. For salespeople, there is a lot to learn. So, it is tough! The salesperson literally needs to know each area in isolation, and then be able to combine them. This is difficult, but definitely not impossible.

The second step is to understand skill and knowledge acquisition. You must know how to structure training to properly facilitate coaching and questioning strategies so that new and successful selling behaviors sticks.

This is where this program empowers. You will learn a simple, yet powerful training strategy that you can start using immediately.

If you are determined to build a high-performing sales team and accelerating the skill acquisition of each and every one of your salespeople, then this is the course for you.

 The goal of the course is to give you insights and strategies that you can begin using immediately.

You will walk away with:

  • A framework on how to train and coach salespeople.
  • The knowledge needed to elevate your salespeople’s skills
  • A collection of questions and how to effectively use them
  • Sample conversations that are powerful and can lead to real change.

We will take the framework and apply it to three powerful prospecting strategies so that you can apply them immediately. We will also explore a Case Study on sales enablement which the instructor, Zenaida Lorenzo, used to improve sales by 30%.

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