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New hires who have access to comprehensive onboarding are productive 4 months sooner than those who are not.

It is important that you get onboarding right. Studies consistently find that new hires who participate in a comprehensive onboarding program are productive four months sooner, have less absenteeism, quit less often, make customers happier and stay in the sales position for over three years. Consider these recent research statistics:

  • Aberdeen found that 62% of companies report over 50% higher time-to-productivity ratios for new employees after their bolstered onboarding program.
  • Gallup found that companies who have a higher ratio of engaged employees to disengaged have a 147% higher earning per share and that engaged employees are 22% more productivity.
  • Accenture found that for every $1 spent on training there was a return of $3.53.

This ebook will help you set up an onboarding program that:

  • increases engagement and organizational commitment. This is important because companies who have more committed and engaged employees are more profitable.
  • makes your new hires feel as if they are part of the team, even prior to their start date
  • creates a motivated and driven team which pushes past limitations
  • inspires sales rep to train after work hours
  • is scalable, enabling you. to hire more salespeople faster.
  • And so much more