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Master Lead Generation on Linkedin and the Cold eMail to Create Unlimited Selling
Opportunities &  Close More Deals

What is Prospecting 2018?

Most salespeople hate prospecting for one of two reasons: they don’t have a system, or the system they have doesn’t work. If you have lead deprivation and know it is time to make changes, discover the secrets of the top tech companies and how they use technology to continually generate business opportunities.

PowerProspecting empowers salespeople with the skills and know-how to use online resources and email  to effectively and efficiently systematize their lead generation, forever liberating them from lead deprivation. Although most social selling tools have been around for over 5 years, many salespeople don’t know they exist. And those who do know about them don’t know how to effectively use them. When it comes to email, most salespeople rely on one or two wordy, generic, stale emails.instead of generating business, their emails are ignored.

Unstopped’s PowerProspecting Empowers Salespeople To:

Build powerful
buyers’ profiles that
makes lead
generation and

Use Linkedin Sales
Navigator to find
eMail and phone

Create Cold & Follow-Up
eMail templates in a
highly responsive manner

Use technology to more
powerfully follow-up with
prospects who were

Continuous Training Gives 50% Higher Net Sales Per Employee.

Master Lead Generation on LinkedIn

There are 133 Million Linkedin Users in the USA. Did you know 8,938,220 are in the NYC area alone?
Top Sellers leverage Linkedin, are you?

POWER USERS (6+ HRS/WEEK) 69.8% 11.6%

The average company spends $10K to $15K hiring a salesperson & only $2K a year in sales training.

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Get crystal clear on what makes a prospects the right fit for your business offering

Ask the average salesperson who is their potential customer and they will answer, “ everyone.” And they follow up with, “ I don’t want to exclude anyone.”

Even if that were the case, which it is not, in a 40 to 50 hours work week, it is impossible to effectively sell to everyone. Since customers have more information than ever before, today’s salespeople must be skilled and knowledgeable on more than sales tactics and strategies. They must deliver tangible advantages and value to their prospect if they are to build. Instead of going wide, a salesperson must go deep to fully understand the problems, wants, needs and bring a personalized sales message to a targeted audience .

Learn which prospects are the best fit, so you can convert sales conversations into business.

Sales training is paramount for new salespeople. If you hire A players and don’t invest in their growth, you will never have an A team.

Write persuasive, high responsive Emails so Get You More Sales Opportunities

Email is king!

According to research, in an 8 hour day of cold calling, a salesperson will speak to 2 decision makers.

Let’s face it, although nothing happens in sales without a sales conversation, the phone is not the most effective way to initiate contact, generate  interest and set appointments. Without the ability to write persuasive and highly responsive emails, salespeople spend an inordinate amount of time chasing prospects.

Learn to write emails that get you more business opportunities.

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78% of salespeople who use social media outsell their peers

Businesswoman check data in smartphone and tablet

Learn how to capitalize on technology, so you can sell more in less time.

Salespeople must know how to find the right contact and email addresses, write highly personalize and engaging emails, as well as use technology that tracks opens, shares and clicks. Sales Automation refers to technology that systematizes salespeople’s workflow. The technology does everything from finding accurate emails to notifying you when someone has shared your proposal. There are 100s of tools in the market place. It can be overwhelming and a time drain to figure out which tools will help you prospect more effectively.

Learn to pair sales automation apps with social media and build a powerful combination of tools that help you target the right audience in less time.

Sales training is paramount for new salespeople. If you hire A players and don’t invest in their growth, you will never have an A team.


Sign-up now, so you, too, can:

Clearly identify your perfect prospects
Use Linkedin Sales navigator with other tools to get eMails      addresses
Write powerful, cold emails and emails sequences that get you sales opportunities
Use technology to know who is interacting with your email so that you can take effective next steps to maximize where and when they are receiving the emails.
Liberate yourself from lead deprivation
And, more confidently approach sales so you can succeed
This course requires you to bring your computer to class. We will be prospecting right in class.
To maximize the use of this course, we recommend that you get a subscription to Sales Navigator and other recommended tools.


About the Instructor Zenaida Lorenzo

Since 2004, she has been using eMail and technology to generate leads and business opportunity. In most of her roles, as a salesperson, she outperforms her peers by as much as 300%. She became a trainer in 2007.

Zenaida’s training methods are a hybrid of best practices accumulated through over 10 years of successfully training hundreds of salespeople. She uses Academic Achievement Research and Accelerated Learning Techniques to make sure training sticks, and she consistently builds high performing, gritty and quota crushing sales teams.

The TWO Day’S Program That Ends Lead Deprivation

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